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Benedetto, Sidne

& Baby Juniper



Our Grocery & Enoteca

Italian Imported Food 

& Italian Wine Specialist

Discovery your local specialtis product grocery.

We select for You a lot of Italian Wine

and special Product.

Sicilian Classic

Homemade Cuisine

Sicilia Bella represents the names of the

wife and husband team,
Sidne and Benedetto. A young

couple that moved to San Diego
from Sicily with a dream of offering and

sharing their amazing
homeland “Sicilian” food.

We prepare every dish, every day
with love and fresh ingredients, trying

to serve a real Sicilian
Mediterranean experience.



“La Sicilia è un dono di Dio, ci sono posti che non ti immagini, alla fine di una strada ti imbatti in un anfiteatro fatto di pietra lavica, e se sali sull’Etna e vedi il mare, beh, allora capisci perché chi conosce la Sicilia ne sia innamorato.”

“Sicily is a gift from God, there are places you can't imagine, at the end of a road you come across an amphitheater made of lava stone, and if you go up to Etna and see the sea, well, then you understand why those who know it Sicily is in love with it.”

(Carmen Consoli)

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